Immediately after a crime has taken place, it’s important for the scene to remain untouched. The investigators come in to gather their evidence, and a mess is left behind. Many people never stop to consider what happens from there.

If you’re the owner of a property where a crime has occurred, you'll be left with the responsibility of cleaning up the scene. Depending on what happened, this could be an unsettling and highly dangerous job. In most cases, it’s crucial to get help from a professional cleaning crew.

Dangers Left Behind: The Aftermath of a Crime Scene

Only a professional cleanup crew can thoroughly clean and sanitize a property after a crime has happened. The possibility of dangerous chemicals or bloodborne pathogens pose too much of a risk for the average person to handle the job on their own. If the crime involved violence, it might simply be too difficult to face the task yourself.

Getting the Job Done: A Cleanup Crew You Can Rely on During This Difficult Time

Whether you’re a landlord, a business owner or a homeowner who had a crime take place in your residence, this is unlikely to be a very happy time for you.

Having a crime occur in a building you own can be heartbreaking even if you weren’t personally involved. You likely want the place thoroughly cleaned up so you can focus on moving forward, and Intelligent Restoration and Remediation is here to help.

Along with a dedication to efficiency and a strong attention to detail, our crew is certified by both the EPA and IICRC. We’ve been trained to strictly adhere to all the latest safety standards for the various elements that may be present at the crime scene, including:
• Blood and other bodily fluids
• Fingerprint powder and other materials left by investigators
• Chemical residues that remain from the production of methamphetamine or other drugs
• Damaged or contaminated wall boards and other construction materials

If you need help with cleaning up a crime scene, please contact us today. We’re committed to ensuring citizens in our hometown of Wheeling and the surrounding areas of Illinois have access to the cleanup assistance they need when it matters most.

Offering intelligent solutions for environmental and construction projects, Intelligent Restoration and Remediation is proud to provide this quality service to our community.