Few things in life are as devastating as a structure fire. Whether the fire takes place in a residential or commercial building, a great amount of value can be lost. Even if the fire doesn’t destroy the entire building, the traveling smoke and soot can cause damage. Soot stains the untouched walls, and smoke can leave odors that linger for a long time to come.

Here at Intelligent Restoration and Remediation, we are proud to offer a variety of cleanup services that can help property owners handle the aftermath of a fire.

Some of our services include:

• An efficient assessment process to help property owners understand the level of damage.
• Realistic estimates for the cleanup and repair costs.
• Assessment for the presence of asbestos, lead or other dangerous materials that may have been released into the local environment due to the fire and may require further professional intervention.
• Environmentally sound methods for removing any dangerous elements.
• Smart practices for odor control and air purification.
• Carefully removing and taking inventory of personal possessions that may be damaged due to the fire.
• The use of industry-standard cleanup equipment, cleaning agents and other tools used during the process.
• Remodeling and rebuilding the damaged areas after the cleanup process is complete.

A Smart Cleanup Process: Reliable Methods for Handling Fire and Smoke Damage

After our initial assessment, the crew at Intelligent Restoration and Remediation will help remove any needed personal items from the property.

Along with allowing you some time to gather your undamaged personal items, we will also remove and take inventory on all the damaged items that remain.

From there, we will remove any damaged parts of the structure and clean other areas to provide a fresh foundation to do repair work. We utilize the latest tools, such as air scrubbers and ozone generators, ensuring that all traces of smoke odor and soot are removed. We will then be able to move forward with reconstructing the damaged areas of the building if it’s the owner’s wish to do so.

A Caring Touch: The Certified Cleanup Crew You Can Trust

Here at Intelligent Restoration and Remediation, every member of our crew is a certified IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician. This means that we have the training required to get your cleanup job done right the first time. On top of that, we also approach every restoration job with a compassionate touch. We understand that a fire can be an incredibly upsetting ordeal, and we want the citizens in our great state to have access to the help they need.

If you’ve had a recent fire and need help now, please contact Intelligent Restoration and Remediation today. We’re located in Wheeling, Illinois, and we serve the greater Chicago area as well as areas throughout the state. Offering intelligent solutions for environmental and construction projects, Intelligent Restoration and Remediation is your trusted source in fire and smoke restoration.