Prior to 1978, lead was a common chemical element used in most household and commercial paints. Scientists later discovered that the use of lead was unfortunately linked to a variety of negative health effects, including severe damage to the organs and nervous system. The effects are particularly dangerous to children under 6 years of age, sometimes causing attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and other serious learning disabilities along with systematic poisoning.

Lead in the Local Environment: The Importance of Thorough Lead Renovations

Lead-based paint is the most common source of lead exposure. Since many buildings that were constructed in the 1970s are still in place today, the prior use of lead paint is still posing a serious risk to our communities. When lead paint chips away, it becomes dust, and that contaminated dust can then get into local soil and groundwater supplies. This is why it’s so crucial for home and commercial property owners who suspect the presence of lead to not attempt to do the renovation work themselves. Only a certified professional has the training required to take care of the lead without causing further risk.

Here at Intelligent Restoration and Remediation, our goal is to thoroughly handle any lead problems by properly sealing off or disposing of all contaminated materials to ensure no lead is released into the local environment. Whenever renovation work is done on older buildings, we adhere to careful guidelines designed for safe lead removal.

A Trusted Team of Professionals: Our Licensed Construction Crew

Our team has years of experience handling a variety of lead-related challenges, which is why we thoroughly check on the painted areas we’ll be renovating before we get started with construction. If we determine that the paint is lead based, we move

forward with today’s safest and most advanced renovation procedures.

Intelligent Restoration and Remediation takes the dangers of lead very seriously, which is why we always stay up to date on the latest information and ensure that we remain licensed and certified by both the EPA and the IICRC. With a background in the environmental sciences as well as construction, our team members tackle every lead-related issue with great care and urgency.

We handle lead cleanup projects for:

• Old homes, apartment buildings and other residential structures.
• Commercial properties.
• Schools, churches and other community structures where lead may pose a threat to children.
• Factories, warehouses or other industrial structures.

A Certified Crew for Lead Renovation: Contact Intelligent Restoration and Remediation Today

When you work with an expert team of licensed professionals, the dangers of lead exposure don’t have to stand in the way of your next project. If you believe your commercial or residential structure might be contaminated with lead paint, please contact us today. Centered in the town of Wheeling and serving neighboring communities throughout the state of Illinois, our team is proud to offer intelligent solutions for environmental and construction projects. Give us a call today to receive a free quote.